Gwen Bond
We're Learning About...

CCS First Grade Curriculum

What We Are Learning This Week:
Continued practice with counting, directional and ordinal words/numbers, odd and even numbers, basic time (on the hour), equal, review of patterns

Math facts: doubles. 
Spending a few minutes (5-10) a night working on facts would be helpful.  :)

Seasonal changes, Space, Matter

Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Worship/Offering, Noah

Phonics/ Language:
      -Phonics Chart: 6, 7 (see packet in "Keep" folder or find the link to
       our phonics charts on our "Bonding" page)
      -Vowels: identify short and long vowels, vowel rules, sounds
      -Beginning, ending, and medial sounds
      -Rhyming/Word Families

Unit 6
(See, our Homework page or your Bond Weekly)

(I will try to update these weekly.)

Something Funny...
I ran across this and thought I might share it since we just talked about owls...