Gwen Bond
Field Trips

I hope to be visiting our public Library this fall! 
This is a great time to begin gathering AR books and to see all the great things our library has to offer!

Bond Fall Field Trip

Date:  Oct. 19th 
Time:  9-2ish
Fee:  $5.

Location: Mrs. Bond's Childhood Home in Ogilville

  Rotations of Tree Information, Wagon Rides, Crafts/Games,  snacks, Lunch and Recess, etc...

Chaperones: Drive AND lead/participate in the following activities: trees, crafts/games, and snack rotations.

Polar Express 3D:

2017 INFO Below!! All is subject to change!

Ticket Prices:  students  $6 and Adults $10
Students without an attending parent need to also bring at least $7 for lunch money (to be brought to school before the field trip date).
Date: TBD 
Time: The movie begins at 10:45.  Be to school by 8:30.  We will be leaving by 9  and returning around 3.

We always go in our pajamas since the children in the movie go in them.  We park in a parking garage and walk right into the museum.  It's great!

Indiana State Museum, IMAX
650 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204

Indianapolis Zoo

When: TBD
Time:  8:15-3:00
Fee: This trip is normally $6 each for adults and children.

         We buy lunch there and is usually around $8-10.
         Money for gift shop is optional.

This trip is used for study of animals before our animal projects begin.

Baseball in Education

Where: Victory Field
You will see a slip come home about this within the next few months (as soon as I hear from them).  I will need a numbers count of who is going.
When:  TBD
Time: 9-3
We have so many families that go that most just leave from home and meet us there around 10.
Fee:  This trip is $14.50 for seats and a bag lunch
Who:  Grades 1, 5 only
           EVERYONE is welcome: moms, dads, grandparents, friends, pastors, etc...

GREAT TIME to spend together and
celebrate the end of the school year! 


PurrSpot Kitty Rescue

This is a new field trip this year. 

We will be trying to do this around the time of our animal projects in the spring. 

More information to come.

Radio Day

Radio Day is February 13th.  We will be visiting with Matt at The Bridge and Jim at WYGS.  We may make a special stop with Scott at Korn.  Times to be announced.